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The year is 2018,  present time….EARTH our planet with all its natural beauty, greenery…. Humanity  thriving  and yet on the other  hand it is getting  bogged down by pollution… black smoke  that is  chocking  it and  pushing  it  slowly  to an INEVITABLE  EXTINCTION.

On 5th of June we celebrate “WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY” , but if this situation continues there may not be any ENVIRONMENT at all.

Zoom to 2055: Somewhere in future life in our planet may EXTINCT! Everything  will be vanished and destroyed. Who is to be blamed for all this destruction??

                           None to answer…….

It all started way back from the time when the wheels of industries began to roll, from the day the first curl of smoke was emitted pollution was born and from its very inception it wreaked a great destruction.  It toyed with Earth’s ecological   balance.  The ever increasing population contributed to raise the content of CO2 finally leading to GLOBAL WARMING. Polar region melted away rising the water levels everywhere around the world.

Do we want the existence of our next generation to be threatened? Surely not. Then let us not dither any longer “our earth is on the verge of death, let us all give back her green and verdant life!!” 


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