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Pesticides and its Effects of Pesticides on Man



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Pesticides means any substance intended preventing ,destroying ,attracting repelling are controlling unwanted spices of plants or animals during production storage ,transport ,distribution and processing of food ,agricultural commodities or animal feed or which may be administered to the animals for the control of ectoparasites. The term includes substance intendent for use as aplenty growth regulators, defoliant, fruit thinning agent or sprouting inhibitors and substances applied to the crop  either before or after harvest to protect the commodity from deterioration during storage and transport. The term normally excludes fertilizers plant and animal nutrients, food additives and animal drugs. Pesticide is a general term used in connection with any pest, more specific term are available for individuals pest categories ,pest are  any organism ,insects,  rodents, nematodes, fungal diseases, weeds, herbs, bacteria etc….  .  which  are injurious to the health of man economic efforts .

Ideal pesticides

It should have the following properties

  • It should have a broad spectrum to kill the pests
  • It should be non toxic to the mammals
  • It should be non to plants
  • It should have low production cost
  • It should be easily formulated
  • It should have low optimal residue persistence
  • It should have low toxicity to beneficial insects
  • It should be  compatible with other pesticides
  • It should not produce off test on vegetables on which it is sprayed

Step involved in commercial development of pesticides starting from laboratory synthesis

  1. Synthesis
  2. The preliminary screening
  3. Formulation
  4. Toxicity studies
  5. Metabolism studies
  6. Registration
  7. Promotion
  8. Pilot plant studies
  9. Commercial development


Effects of pesticides on man


Human pesticides poisoning or major concern in producing and using pesticides in agricultural and public health programs. It has been estimated that annually in the world there are about 7,50,000 reported pesticides poisoning causes with about 1,38,000 deaths some of the most serious effect of pesticides are use potential of accidental exposure to the lethal effect of these chemical. It has been estimated that pesticides poisoning accounts for about 3% of all accidental poisoning by chemicals .such accidence can be to the applicators of pesticides and can come through during spraying of pesticides or other treatment operations other types accident it’s may involves large numbers of people are those due to unsafe packing and leakage of pesticides in storage and transport on a number of occasions food as been contaminated in these way.


Other accident have occurred when insecticides that have been found to be effective against one type of pest have been incorrectly used for treatment against others. In the tropics containers that have contained pesticides concentrates are attractive for house hold use. If such containers are used for carrying of cookingconsumables, poisoning may occurs to workers who isan increased and convenient means of sucide. Since relatively small quantities of such chemicals are usually sufficient to kill human being pesticides residue or there metabolities in food could after mans health acute over exposure to pesticides can lead to acute effects on human beings and even death prolonged exposure to some organo chlorine insecticides can lead concentration of pesticides in tissues prolonged organomercuruals may causes irreparable brain damage and hexachlorobenzeneexposure may cause severe skin infections. The nematicide dibromo chloropropanecan interfere with reproductive functions and other pesticides can at high exposure cause tetra genic effects.

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