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Soil is our external metabolism it must be free of herbicides and pesticides


III BSc [CBZ]_Sec B, GFGC Tumkur





                                            “The soil is our external metabolism it must be free of herbicides and pesticides.

The food  that we eat impact our well being not just on a cellular level but on a whole life level i.e., how we feel , how much energy we have ,how strong we are ,how capable we can be etc. Pesticides are poisons and unfortunately they can harm more than  just the ‘pests” at which they are targeted they are toxic and exposure to pesticides can not only cause a number of health effects. But  is linked to a range of serious illnesses and diseases in humans from respiratory illness to cancer.

TERATOGEN: some of the pesticides act as teratogen.

Teratogens are substances that may cause birth defects via a toxic effect on an embryo or fetus. In human congenital disorders resulted in about 510,000 deaths globally in 2010. About 3% of new born have ‘major physical anomaly. The majority of average citizens who are affected by the pesticides.

In 2004, carbofuran pesticides residues found on several batches of noodles manufactured in Nigeria may have resulted in 23 reported cases of  vomiting and one death .Pesticides cause headache, blurred vision, vomiting, abdominal pain, suppress the immune system ,lead to blood and liver diseases, depression, asthma and nerve damage the issue with the effects is that they may  appear  after being ingested .so tracing the symptoms back to the pesticides can prove to be quite difficult.

Causes of teratogenesis can broadly be classified as;

  • Toxic substances, such as for humans drugs in pregnancy and environmental toxics in pregnancy.
  • Genetic disorders.
  • Alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

Exposure to pesticides can occur in many ways, exposure can occur in agriculture through the treatment of crops, plants and grain. It can occur in forestry, gardening ,professional and domestic pest control practices and through the spraying and use of amenities pesticides residues found on and in our food also puts us at risk.

Pesticides are used extensively in agriculture and domestic setting these chemicals are believed to cause many disorders in human and wildlife .An estimated 2.2million people are at risk due to exposure from agricultural pesticides with the majority of this population being locating in developing nations. Pesticides can enter the human body through inhalation, ingestion or by dermal penetration through the skin, those who work with agriculture pesticides are the most at risk if they are not properly  protected by them selves there is more chance of pesticide exposure.

Transport of agriculture pesticides

Pesticides can be transported to human or other organisms in a variety of ways. It is near to impossible for the pesticides to only affects its targeted crop.

  • Wind is one of the transportation method the wind pick up the pesticides and can blow them into others forms or into rivers.
  • It can be  absorbed into the soil then taken up by other organisms or can contaminate the surface and  ground water that run over through it.
  • Pesticides, which are absorbed by the plants, which is detrimental to the growth of the plants.

Doctors recommend vegetables highly but seemingly healthy greens can also hide dangerous amounts of chemicals.

The air we breathe is polluted, the water we drink is contaminated, and food we eat is poisoned.

Let’s focus  on vegetables universally accepted as repositories of nutrients the vegetables like  radish, Cauliflower, brinjal and okra and many contained more than permissible limits of  pesticides residues of over 20 organochlorine pesticides were found in the produce. Persistent organic pollutants, which can lead to cancer and damage the reproductive system .The vegetables especially green chilii, cauliflower, cabbage ,brinjal, tomato and coriander, sold at retail and whole sale outlets across the country had residue levels of pesticides beyond the permissible limit. The national instruction of nutrition reported similar finding after checks on the brinjal, okra,  tomato, chilli and cauliflower okra was found to be the most , containing residues of 18 pesticides belonging to the class of organophosphates, which can irreversibly in activate an enzyme needed for never functioning.

CHILLIES: The study revealed that about 55% the famers applied 4kg or less of technical grand pesticides perhaps and the remaining 45% used more than 4kg of active ingredient.

CAULIFLOWER: About 87% of cauliflower growers applied pesticides amounting to 4 kg or  less of a/ha and the remaining applied more than this quantity.

BRINJAL: The pesticides application to this crop was more than the others three crops.

Pesticides  that allow farmers  to increases the amount of usable food from each crop at the time of harvest. You can even set up your own little kitchen garden. True it can be time consuming considering our busy lives. But imagine the joy the plucking chemical free coriander from your garden for garnishing that tomato soup, or dal.

‘’ Also kitchen gardening has been proved to erase  stress,  even improve mental health.  There are many home made option to get rid of pests from pepper, Tobacco and chrysanthemum to oranges. Be sure to  buy organic versions of the ‘’dirty dozen’’ the fruits and vegetables that when grown conventionally.  As we are becoming more modern day by day, we are developing every aspects of our country. Agriculture is the main profession of India

A catchy slogan against the excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides

Say no to fertilizer and pesticides, yes to natural manure. This is the best option for health.

It is never too early or too late to work towards being the healthiest you…!

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