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Scientific reasons behind the rituals of Hindu culture

Radha S D.


GFGC, Tumkur (INDIA)

Ph: 9535524367  radharadha9073@gmail.com

In India we are celebrating more cultural festivals, the scientific reasons beyond this is as follows

Logical reason behind Toran decoration

Fresh Green Leaves the air and make the surrounding neat and clean, hygienic atmosphere is necessary for a auspicious occasion like wedding, mango leaves are believed to add more Elegance to the decoration and therefore the torrents made of mango leaves at the entrance of their residence

Why do we worship peepal tree

Peepal tree significance in Hindu way of life cannot be understated. One of the main reason why peepal tree is such a venerated tree is because its the only tree that releases oxygen even in the night.

The 'Peepal tree' is one of the sacred trees worshiped widely in India. It is also known as the 'Bodhi tree' or 'Ashwattha tree

Why do we worship Tulsi

In India people grow Tulsi as the religious plant and worship it. Its leaves are used in temples for the worship purposes and also on the several occasions such as marriage. A Hindu house is considered incomplete without the Tulsi plant in the courtyard. Tulsi is belived to promote longevity and lifelong happiness. Prevents disease and stabilizers health the fragrance of Tulsi avoid mosquitoes and insects it is also believed that snakes do not appear tulsi plant and therefore ancient people used to plant Tulsi near their home

Tulsi is Used in Indian ceremonies as a holy plant  for over 5,000 years, tulsi is a powerful herb to keep in your home or personal space. A “tulsi puja” is a daily practice performed in Hindu tradition to protect the energy of one’s house and keep it pure. A tulsi plant is grown and maintained in the house and every morning a prayer is said in front of the plant by offering water, smudging, sounds, and burning incense.

 Why do we worship Idol

Hinduism propagates idol worship more than any other religion. Researchers say that this was initiated for the purpose of increasing concentration during prayers. According to psychiatrists, a man will shape his thoughts as per what he sees. If you have three different objects in front of you, your thinking will change according To the object you are viewing.

Idol worship was established so that when people saw Idol it’s easy to concentrate.

Why Do Indian Women Wear Toe Ring

Wearing toe rings is not just the significance of married women but there is science behind it. Normally toe rings are worn on the second toe. A particular nerve from the second toe connects the uterus and passes to heart. Wearing toe ring on this finger strengthens the uterus. It will keep it healthy by regulating the blood flow to it and menstrual cycle will be regularized. As Silver is a good conductor, it also absorbs polar energies from the earth and passes it to the body.

Applying Tilak/KumKum on the Forehead

On the forehead, between the two eyebrows, is a spot that is considered as a major nerve point in human body since ancient times. The Tilak is believed to prevent the loss of “energy”, the red ‘kumkum’ between the eyebrows is said to retain energy in the human body and control the various levels of concentration. While applying kumkum the points on the mid-brow region and Adnya-chakra are automatically pressed. This also facilitates the blood supply to the face muscles.

Surya Namaskar

Hindus have a tradition of paying regards to Sun God early in the morning by their water offering ritual. It was mainly because looking at Sun rays through water or directly at that time of the day is good for eyes and also by waking up to follow this routine, we become prone to a morning lifestyle and mornings are proven to be the most effective part of the day.

Why Do We Fast

The underlying principle behind fasting is to be found in Ayurveda. This ancient Indian medical system sees the basic cause of many diseases as the accumulation of toxic materials in the digestive system. Regular cleansing of toxic materials keeps one healthy. By fasting, the digestive organs get rest and all body mechanisms are cleansed and corrected. A complete fast is good for heath, and the occasional intake of warm lemon juice during the period of fasting prevents the flatulence. Since the human body, as explained by Ayurveda, is composed of 80% liquid and 20% solid, like the earth, the gravitational force of the moon affects the fluid contents of the body. It causes emotional imbalances in the body, making some people tense, irritable and violent. Fasting acts as antidote, for it lowers the acid content in the body which helps people to retain their sanity. Research suggests there are major health benefits to caloric restriction like reduced risks of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, immune disorders etc.

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