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  1. “Design and verification of advanced peripheral bus protocol using uvm” by Pavani Yammanuru, M. Amaranath
  2. “ Design and verification of AMBA APB protocol” international journal of computer application article entitled design and verification of AMBA APB protocol.
  3. “Design and verification analysis of APB3 protocol with coverage” by akhilesh kumar and richasinha international journal of advances in engineering & technology, Nov 2011
  4. AMBA specification https://www.arm.com
  5. ARM- an AMBA specification overview
  6. https://www.chipverify.com/uvm/uvm-tutorial
  7. Virtual Socket Interface Alliance. http://www.vsi.org.
  8. ARM. Advanced micro-controller bus architecture specification. http://www.arm.com/armtech/AMBA spec, 1999.
  9. Open Core Protocol Intel Partnership Association Inc. Open core protocol specification. http://www.ocpip.org, Release 1.0, 2001.
  10. IBM. 32-bit processor local bus, architecture specifications.
  11. http://www- 3.ibm.com/chips/products/coreconnect/, version 2.9.
  12. J. Bergeron, “What is verification?” in writing Test benches: Functional verification of HDL models, 2nd . New York: Springer Science, 2003, ch.1, pp. 1-24.
  13. International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductor [online]. Available: http://www.itrs.net/Links/2006update

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